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Our Belief

We know that pizza tastes best when it is wood-fired, that mozzarella should always be freshly made, and that meals are enhanced when paired with the perfect Italian wines. From our service to our atmosphere, our flour to our sauce, this is our tradition-passed down from generation to generation-of Napoli-style pizza. At Michael's Pizzeria, food is heritage.

Our History

When Michael Dene decided to open his restaurant in December 2007, he was told that it wasn't in his best interest. Statistics, location and timing were all stacked against him - it was a risky undertaking where very few others had seen success. However, when the doors opened to Michael's on Naples, the Brooklyn-born businessman and lifetime food enthusiast proved that quality and taste have no bounds. Today Michael's on Naples is rated the #1 restaurant in Long Beach and the #2 Italian restaurant in all of Los Angeles, making it one of the highest Zagat-rated Italian restaurants in Southern California.

Michael's Pizzeria is the latest brainchild of Michael Dene and it all began when he wanted a pizza-and not your typical delivery pizza, either. Michael wanted pizza as it was meant to be. He wanted a pie with paper-thin crust, whose edges bubbled up into soft, crisp pockets of salty air. With sauce so flavorful it could stand as a topping all on its own and cheese so fresh it simply had to be made by hand each morning.

Blending an authentic Napoli-style with a flair for flavor and perfection, we opened the first Michael's Pizzeria in 2010. It's casual style, eclecticism, and taste that simply could not be found anywhere else turned first-time diners into fanatics.

Many of the same practices and principles that we founded Michael's on Naples with, hold true at our Pizzerias: from sourcing locally grown, organic vegetables, to making our sausage in-house. We also grow our own herbs and tomatoes, slice all our meats fresh for each pizza or sandwich, and–most importantly–make all our sauces, dough, and cheeses from scratch, daily.

Why all the extra work, you may ask? Because it's the way it should be. Napoli-style pizza has roots over a century deep and it is our job, as the ancestors of the edible art form, to uphold its standards and share its joys. Made any other way, it simply wouldn't be pizza. 

Our pledge is to serve our patrons the the closest thing they can get to a pizza in Naples, Italy. We know, as they do in Naples, that the finest ingredients, simply paired, create the most robust culinary experiences. So come on in.  Try pizza for the very first time.